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Hot water service refers to the supply of hot water in a domestic or commercial building. Today, there are different ways of obtaining hot water in your home: it may be through electricity, natural gas , propane, heating oil or solar energy. Choosing the right hot water system depends on various factors. Emjai Plumbing in Tootgarook can discuss your options and recommend the best method.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Keeping these few points in mind will help you choose the best type of water heater for your home:

  • The size of your family: if you have a large family, then obviously your daily water use will be higher than that of a nuclear family. You will have to choose either a bigger tank or a tank-less model that will ensure a constant supply of hot water.
  • Space: if you live in a small apartment or studio, space may be an issue if you choose a bulky water heater. You may instead choose the tank-less one.
  • Where you live: if you live in a region where the weather is hot and sunny throughout most of the year, you can opt for a solar heating system.
  • Energy-Efficiency: it is one of the most considered factors nowadays. Choosing an energy-efficient hot water system is advantageous for you as it is more economical.

Hot Water Unit: Installation, Maintenance and Repair

At Emjai Plumbing, we not only guide you in choosing the right hot water system but we also undertake the installation. You can also schedule regular maintenance services with us so that we can come and check if everything is in perfect working order. If any part needs repair, we will do it too.

Choose the Right Hot Water System!

Trust us to give you the best service because:

  • We are a locally-owned company, understanding the local weather
  • We use best quality supplies
  • We respond rapidly to clients' requests

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